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We 100% recommend Sarah! She fully understands the nuances of the equine industry and approached our project bringing this knowledge and cleverness to the project. She is very easy to work with and we are delighted with the results!

Claire Bridgewater

Kelato Animal Health


I have worked with a few copywriters over the years, and I am always wary as there are great copywriters and not so great ones. I’m pleased to say that Sarah is in an outstanding category.

The landing/sales pages that Sarah has written look much more professional than any of my previous attempts.

Sarah spends plenty of time with you to understand your business; her onboarding process is constructive. She also worked with me to manage the work within my budget by spreading the work overtime.

I definitely think that working with the right copywriter is worth the investment, particularly a copywriter who understands the equine industry.

Theresa McCaffrey

The Horsemanship Journal

I was a bit nervous about working with a copywriter, but I really needn’t have been. Sarah at The Copy Jockey was fantastic, she took the time to really understand my business and the tone I wanted. Then she absolutely nailed it. Delightful to work with a copywriter that actually understands my products. Thank you Sarah, I’m sure you will be putting together more fabulous copy for my website soon!

Jill Weeks

Plum Tack

 We approached Sarah with a rather vague idea of some resources we wanted to create for the members of our association. Sarah was able to take this limited information, develop some fantastic ideas (which made it really difficult to pick only two!), and then produced some amazing resources which will benefit current and future members for years to come! Her equestrian knowledge meant that she was able to give industry-specific examples within the resources and use equestrian terminology throughout which makes them far more relatable to equine therapists.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sarah. She was thorough, able to create some great resources with minimal input from a busy volunteer committee, communicated with us throughout the project regarding progress, and made any edits extremely quickly (although not many were needed which shows how well she hit the mark!). We would highly recommend anyone considering hiring a copywriter to contact Sarah at The Copy Jockey.


Equine Therapies Association of Australia

 I had Sarah from The Copy Jockey audit my website. The information she gave me was so useful and I’ve started to put a lot of her suggestions in place, and I can already see how much better my website looks! She gave a thorough review of the site, including what I can do to increase loading speed, how to attract more clients to view the pages, get them to stay on each page longer, and how to get them to take action once they had viewed the website. As an equine & human massage therapist, having someone who understands equestrian terminology, as well as what equestrians are looking for, was really helpful!

I’ve also read some copywriting that Sarah has done for my equine therapies association, which was absolutely brilliant. Sarah definitely has a knack for getting the message across succinctly, and with a creative flair that makes you want to keep reading!

I hope to be able to get Sarah to do some copywriting & SEO for my own website in the near future 🙂

Christine Thompson

Equine Muscle Matters

Sarah was lovely to work with and did an amazing job on my website. I have had feedback that it reads really well! The blogs she did were great too as it is not an area I had much experience in. Thank you!

Karen Bilham

Reset Muscle Maintenance

Sarah has been wonderful to work with and the copy she created for my business is absolutely spot on.
I have struggled with my website copy for years. Getting my own message across and promoting “me” has always been a challenge but, I never considered hiring a copywriter until I met Sarah.

She swooped in and saved the day by putting into words exactly what I would like people to know about me and my business.
I will surely be working with Sarah again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a copywriter.

I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a professional and talented copywriter.

Thank you so much, Sarah.

Michelle Ravase


Sandra Poppema


I have to say I am so impressed with your comprehensive and thoughtful review of my website. I am taking your recommendations and implementing them in full. I have had reviews in the past on websites but none that hit the mark as well as you have. I highly recommend your services.

Amanda Edwards

The Equine Care Clinic

Julie Wright

Bare Equine

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to website optimization. I took the opportunity to book a review of my website and was thrilled with the feedback.
I run an online horse and pet boutique – CJade Online Pet & Equine.

The information Sarah provided was extremely thorough, detailed and has helped me optimise my website in many ways. My SEO is now getting results and the overall look is much more appealing to my customer base.
I highly recommend Sarah to help with your needs.

Courtney Shelvey

C Jade Online

Sarah White galloping on a racehorse
Sarah White galloping on a bay horse on a beach
Sarah White landing over a hedge on a grey horse
Sarah White jumping a bay horse over a stone wall
Sarah White flying over a hedge on a bay horse
Sarah White at a hunt meet on a bay horse
Sarah White jumping a fence in a race
Sarah White trotting on a grey horse

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I’d love a testimonial to feature here!

If you know you need help with your equine business’s marketing words, you can contact me directly and I’ll get right back to you. If you aren’t sure what you need, you just know you need to hand the reins over, that’s ok. We can sort it out! You may like to start by checking out the services I offer.


How to write a blog post for your equine business

How to write a blog post for your equine business

If you want to know how to write a blog post; congratulations! You’re in the right place.
Writing a great blog isn’t just about opening up a new Word doc, thinking of a title, and typing 1000 words.
There’s so much more to it than that, and this blog post is going to take you through the 6 steps of how to write a blog post that is going to be of value to your audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert to more sales and revenue for you!
If you were looking for an easy-to-follow guide on just how to write a blog post for your equine business, then read on, take notes, and create that perfect post today!

16 proven ways to create compelling content for your equestrian business

16 proven ways to create compelling content for your equestrian business

First up, what do we mean by compelling content?
It’s content that informs, educates, entertains, and inspires. It’s mainly long-form and opens up communications and dialogues with your audience.
If you’re in the equestrian business, you know how hard it is to stand out in a crowded paddock, and like it or not, whether you’re selling products like saddles or offering services such as bodywork, creating engaging content is an ongoing important part of your marketing strategy.
But fear not! This blog post walks you through 16 strategies to create compelling content that helps to boost your SEO, traffic, and sales.

11 reasons you can’t ignore why you should create regular blog posts for your equine business

11 reasons you can’t ignore why you should create regular blog posts for your equine business

Are you on the fence about writing blog posts for your equestrian business?
If yes, you should really jump down before you get splinters in your bum and check out what opportunities you may be missing.
Not to mention the money you’re leaving on the table…
From improving your SEO efforts to directly making sales, there’s a bucketful of reasons why equine businesses should be regularly creating blog posts.
This blog post features 11 of them plus gives you actionable tips to achieve each result.


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