Free up your time and banish headaches by handing over the creation of your consistent and captivating content

Do you struggle to know what to post to social media every day?

Are you finding it increasingly hard to find the time to create great content?

Would it help if you could hand over the social media struggle to someone else?


As an equine copywriter, I create snappy social media posts and captivating content for you, taking away the stress and headache you feel when you have to do it yourself.

I can create your social media content, plus I have packages to create eye-catching, cohesive graphics, and manage your accounts, too.

A social media presence is a must-have in today’s digital world.


Almost all businesses are finding their clients, or a majority of their clients, on social media. There’s a huge opportunity to get seen, be followed, and ultimately make sales, but you have to show up consistently.


That doesn’t mean you have to post six times a day, every day, but it does mean you need to have a strategy and a routine, and stick to it, whatever it may be.


Provide value in bucket-loads to your audience and you’ll soon be growing your social media following and it’ll become a strong nail in your marketing strategy toolkit.



Have your website, services, products, tone of voice, values and overall message clear and you're ready to start attracting those ideal clients


Know your clients' biggest problems and deepest desires, why they need you and how you can help them and you're ready to give them value


Are clear on your own brand values and voice and just want to get down and dirty with putting amazing content out there


Appreciate the power a strong social media presence has in your overall marketing strategy and have the budget to outsource

If you want more content for your marketing as well as social media content, you may want to take a look at my BLOG CONTENT PACKAGES. Or you can BOOK A FREE CALL WITH ME to talk more about what you need.





  • Zoom planning call

    A monthly session over Zoom where we’ll discuss your goals and plans for the month ahead, and chat about any upcoming important dates in your business/industry, or topics or tasks you want to focus on.


  • 8 -16 social media posts

    Depending on what you need or how much you’d like to include in your package, you’ll get posts of up to 300 words (may vary) of well-written, engaging posts with a variety of aims in mind (trust/engagement/promo etc).


  • Hashtag suggestions

    For each post, I’ll research the best hashtags to use for getting your post in front of the desired audience, and I’ll make suggestions to you as to which are the best hashtags to add to the post.


  • Content easily shared with you

    Your posts will be set up in a spreadsheet and sent either via email or if they are a bigger file, by Dropbox, so you have them at your fingertips and can easily upload to your social media planner.







  • Cohesive and eye-catching graphics

    Add on matching graphics to accompany your posts. I will create individual graphics using your branding/style which I can then use every month to design an image to go with the words.

  • Scheduling and planning

If you want to hand over the scheduling and planning of when your new content is going to go live on your socials,  I can manage that for you. You’ll just sit back and enjoy seeing your new content appear!

  • Management of your social accounts

If you want to hand over the whole shebang, boots and all, I can take over the management of your social accounts for you. I’ll engage with your followers and reply to comments on your behalf, and share your posts to your stories regularly.


For other enquiries or for a bespoke social media content package, you can always contact me directly