How do you rank on page one of online search results? With search engine optimisation


Do you want more hoofprints finding their way to your website (who doesn’t)?

Do you know your SEO from your stifle?

Do you know (or care) if your website is fully search-engine-optimised?


Just like everybody needs a horse in their life, every business needs search-engine-optimised copy for their website or blog posts.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the difference between your ideal clients finding you on page 1 of their Google search and, well…not.

“Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?”



“On page 2 of Google”

There’s no mystical answer to taming the SEO monster nor is there a secret formula for improving your Google ranking.

It’s a combination of many magical moving parts – some of which relate to how your website backend functions and some are directly related to the copy on your pages.

3 (mane) points to consider for SEO




SEO copywriting creates valuable content targeting specific keywords, which in turn can help improve your position in organic (free) searches.




Keywords and keyword research is vital to SEO copywriting. There’s more to choosing your keywords than guessing what people are typing into Google to find you.




SEO is ongoing and is not a quick fix. But tiny changes made now can add up hugely in the coming months. With paid advertising, when the money stops, so do the leads. With SEO, the results can last a lifetime.

It’s just one part of a strong marketing strategy but SEO is super important. 

A solid SEO plan of attack helps with:

  • getting more organic leads
  • having better quality leads
  • improving conversion rates
  • lowering your site’s bounce rate
  • needing less paid advertising
  • increasing your brand’s visibility
  • improving your ranking in organic searches



Are an established business wanting to grow without expensive advertising costs


Are super clear on your USP, values, messaging, and your clients' needs and problems


Know the value in having a strong SEO strategy and are willing to put the work in now to achieve it


Realise that SEO is a long game and, like a puppy, "Is for life, not just for Christmas"

If you still aren’t sure you need SEO copywriting then you may like to BOOK A CHAT WITH ME or if you already have a super-optimised website working for you then you’re ready for some ultimate-performing optimised BLOG CONTENT



  • In-depth briefing

    I’ll ask you to fill out a briefing form to really delve into the heart of your business. Then we’ll have an in-face meeting via Zoom to discuss this further, so I can really learn what makes you YOU so I capture your new copy perfectly.



  • Comprehensive keyword research

Comprehensive keyword research includes looking at search volumes, difficulty ratings, and CPC (cost per click), among other factors, for each possible keyword. And after all that, yes, I’ll often end up with the search phrases we started with. But, at least you know they’re validated after hours of research! And a KW research always throws up long-tail keyword phrases which are ideal to use as future blog post titles, which is a bonus.


  • Research

    I know quite a bit already about your industry (I’m guessing it’s horse-related here!) as it’s my special subject too, but I do extra research each and every time. This covers competitor research, recent trends, and other ‘stuff I might need to know’ to write your best copy.


  • Four rounds of copy

    I’ll keep you in the loop at all times, and send you not one draft of copy, but four. The first one will be a bare bones skeleton draft so you can agree with what’s being said and where, then the first draft will follow. After that will be two more rounds until the final, finished, fabulous copy.


  • Search engine optimisation

    Each page will be optimised for your best keywords and special attention given to title tags, meta descriptions, and formatting. Yes, I’ll write engaging, Google-friendly titles and metas for every page.


  • Clear and well-formatted copy deck

    I will lay your new copy out as I have designed it to be read, with headings and subheadings clearly labelled, blocks of text where they should be, and other design extras. Your web developer will love it (and you!) for making their life easier.



  • Contact page

Copy for your contact page tailored to your business and what you want your customers to do next


  • Services Index OR Product Category page

A free BONUS page here, highlighting your individual services or products and linking to their respective pages


  • TWO rounds of revisions

    So you can rest easy you won’t end up with copy that either doesn’t sound like you, or completely misses the mark of exactly what it is you offer.


  • Professional proofreading

    So you can send the copy deck to your developer knowing there’ll be no comebacks or apoplectic cries of ‘who was in charge of these abominable apostrophes??


For other enquiries or for a bespoke SEO copy package, you can always contact me directly