If you own an equestrian-based business, is it worth your time and energy in packing up a whole heap of products and possibly staff, and attending a trade show such as Equifest?

Does it result in more sales? New customers? Increased brand exposure?

I attended Equifest 2022 on a not-so-sunny-actually-it-was-pretty-wet Saturday in October (sign of the summer to come) and met so many awesome equine businesses from all around New Zealand that I thought why not feature some of them here.

Sales overall seemed to be going well. There were definitely some I would have loved to have stopped and chatted to but they were busy every time I wandered in, so in some cases I just had a look around, often buying, and left them to it.

Here’s my rundown of the businesses and their people I did get to meet, and their thoughts on Equifest and marketing their business in general.

Cambridge Equestrian

Rhiannon is a well-known face around these parts. She has the best handmade, personalised, cute-patterned products such as saddle pads, hay bags, and more. I couldn’t resist some starry riding pants for my daughter plus a handmade nose shield for her pony Banjo’s pink nose. But there was so much more to put on the wishlist!

Most of her clients are repeat customers who are probably controlled by little people who must have a new Paw Patrol saddle pad, or a pink haybag with stars on it.

Thoughts on Equifest:

It’s a good day for sales but it would be better if they would let exhibitors stay open after 6pm to catch the evening crowd, instead of having to shut up shop and leave.


NZ Equine Solutions

Philip and Jake make for a very entertaining and interesting chat, and I spent a long time on their stand, even though I have nowhere to put some super stables right now!

Based in Tirau, just down the road from me actually, they build, supply and install the most amazing stables, wash bays, horse walkers, rubber mats, stallion rails, and more.

Currently, most of their customers are pretty local, via word of mouth (the best type of advertising – you know they’re the real deal then). But they’re rapidly growing – watch this space.

Thoughts on Equifest:

It does result in online sales after the event, but it comes at a price. It takes away two main staff from the home base – where they’re needed for building and installing the products for existing clients.



Based in Hamilton, Magnum supplies the renowned Horserail fencing seen on so many big horse establishments around the area. They also have stables, horse walkers, rubber matting, and all the stable hardware that your horse could possibly need to live a life of luxury.

They’re another business that gets heaps of orders via word of mouth, showing their expertise and reputability.

Thoughts on Equifest:

Definitely worth it as people can see and feel the fencing material, or the hardware they use, which results in sales.


Stock and Noble

Georgie heads up the NZ-based Stock and Noble over in Tauranga, in conjunction with the Australian-based side of the business.

They are another business supplying quality horse fencing in either classic post and rail form, safe and flexible wire, or easily visible electric fencing. I was also impressed with their fence paint guaranteed to last and with the added bonus of deterring wood-chewers, too!

Clients come from either their beautiful, impressive website or, as with all the best, via word of mouth.

Thoughts on Equifest:

It’s worth showing up at events like Equifest when you’re trying to get your brand name out there and become visible.


Styx Solutions

If it’s safe and secure horse fencing you’re wanting, we really are spoiled for choice. Styx Solutions create quality fencing solutions, in the form of battens, outriggers, poly wire or tape, and many other accessories, to make farmers’ and horse owners’ lives easier.

I met Darryn, the owner and the designer of their products, on the stand and had a good chat about what they make, why they make it, and how all the products work. They’re based in Christchurch so any South Island farmers or horse owners, give them a call.


Abercothi Equestrian

The indomitable Shelley is a busy lady, running three businesses in one. As well as Abercothi Equestrian, Shelley also owns and manufactures Quaddock camp beds (for your float) and Goodwood Covers and Dog Beds.

Abercothi Equestrian’s signature product is the cutely named ‘hay sausage’, of which you can have a large-size sausage, or a compact cocktail sausage. I bought my two ponies a cocktail sausage to share and it definitely makes their slab of hay last longer, and with no mess.

Other products Shelley designs and makes herself include hay bags, stable/yard guards, feed bags, and the innovative collapsible poop bag. In fact, anything you can think of, Shelley will make for you!

Thoughts on Equifest:

It costs a heap to get to, but is sort of worth it.


It’s A Stitch Up

Natalie from the South Island-based It’s a Stitch Up is another clever cookie who makes all her amazing and appealing products herself.

From bridle bags to boot bags to bale bags, you’ll find all of what you want and more of what you didn’t know you needed here, all in matchy-matchy patterns if you wish!

I grabbed a purple bridle bag and it’s been awesome when taking the pony out and about to shows for keeping the bridle clean while travelling.

Normally Natalie receives orders through social media and from repeat customers, plus word of mouth, all the signs of a wonderful business.

Thoughts on Equifest:

Being a new business, it’s worth it for brand exposure and for allowing people to see the products and have a chat.


The Brave Pants Company

Brave Pants are making such waves in the equestrian clothing ocean that they hardly need any introduction!

But it was lovely to meet and chat to Rose, the captain behind this powerful ship.

The signature breeches and riding pants looked and felt wonderful, and with a range of materials available, provides a whole wardrobe of riding gear whatever the season.

Thoughts on Equifest:

Normally orders come via Facebook and Instagram, but coming to Equifest is 100% worth it so people can see and feel the products.


Equine Probiotics

I wanted to meet Donna from Equine Care Probiotics IRL (in real life) as I’ve been in the same circles for a couple of years now and chatted to her online and over the phone before. But it’s not the same as meeting in the flesh so I’m glad we finally did.

Donna has wonderful products that really work, so if you’ve got a horse or pony with skin complaints or suspected gut health problems, check out the range and see what they can do for you.

Donna said they used to get most of their sales from social media, but that’s changed to more visitors and orders through the website. Always great to hear!

Thoughts on Equifest:

It’s worth it, it does cost a lot to attend but it’s great to be able to show people the products and chat about them.


NSC Saddles

Again, I have connected with Catherine from NSC Saddles online, plus we actually have a mutual friend back in the UK (it’s a small world) but we’ve never met in person before.

Catherine had a huge selection of her awesome saddles with her at Equifest, plus her new-ish range of saddle and leather care products, which I just had to purchase for tack-cleaning duties at home.

I love the NSC saddles, and when I next have to buy a general-purpose riding saddle (instead of a racing saddle!) I’ll definitely chat with Catherine.

Thoughts on Equifest:

It’s worth it as the very nature of the saddle-selling game is you have to attend tradeshows to show off your saddles to prospective customers.


Equine Super Goo

Elizabeth from Equine Super Goo has a great product on her hands. Now formulated into fly repellent, dog products, sunblock and even udder cream, I think the next product in their vision is the original Super Goo cream for humans.

Sold in many stockists, the Super Goo name is well-known; it’s highly likely you already have some in your tackbox!

Elizabeth said many of their sales come through their social media presence, and of course, the wholesale orders.

Thoughts on Equifest:

Definitely worth it, as many have said, it’s a cost but it pays for itself.


Bar M Custom Tack

Millie from Bar M had made the long trek up from her base near Queenstown. By all accounts, the hardest part had been setting up the stand at Equifest in the space they were given, with the tools they had.

Making all the products herself, Millie really is the face of her business, and she’s lovely to talk to, knowledgeable, and extremely talented.

I needed a rope halter for JJ, my cheeky mini who loves to run to grass, towing small and medium-sized people behind him (that’s not me, luckily!) Millie had a beautiful halter/rope combo, with no buckles or ties, just a cleverly positioned toggle to tighten the headpiece, so I snapped that up for him, and it’s been working like a dream. I am a huge fan of purpose-made rope halters to provide more direction and control when leading naughty ponies.

Thoughts on Equifest:

Expensive to get to (especially with the drive from Queenstown, and a return ferry ticket!) but worth it, mainly so people can see the products, get to know them, and have a chat about custom pieces.



I already knew of Nick from Tackshop as he’s a member of my Facebook group, for equestrian businesses in New Zealand and Australia. So I was keeping my eyes and ears open to meet him at Equifest, as I was browsing the fully stocked stand. He was so rushed off his feet we managed a quick meet and greet, and I bought a cute mini-sized poop scoop, perfect to keep in my float and use at shows.

Plus, my daughter *sometimes helps me with the poo-picking now!

Thoughts on Equifest:

Coming to Equifest with all the travel (from the East Coast), stock and staff is expensive, but the sales cover it.



Ridir has the most beautiful riding outfits, with almost every single item being made by the very talented Portia. I was especially loving the in-hand outfits as I’ve been doing a few lead rein classes and A&P shows with my daughter, but I really need to up my dress game. The competition and style of the other leaders are amazing! So I’ll be ordering a custom-made outfit for my daughter and me in the future, so we can look the part.

Portia said most of her sales come through word of mouth – always a sign of a quality product – as well as her website and Facebook page. Not Instagram. Although her products would photograph beautifully.


Blue Baobab

I think Jane from Blue Baobab, the Gumboot shop, was thanking the weather gods for the amount of rain unleashed at Equifest. Until the ground flooded and everybody was washed out by Sunday. But up until then, she would have been providing gumboots and jackets to all who squelched their way past!

I bought a pair of short gumboots and a waterproof jacket too, not because of the rain that day, but because I actually needed them in my life, and they’ve been awesome. Highly recommend them! And I have had sooo much wear out of them this ‘summer’, far more than expected!

Thoughts on Equifest:

Totally worth it for the sheer number of purchases over the weekend, and for the number of orders to be completed afterwards.


Big Red’s Stable Snacks

Big Red’s Stable Snacks horse treats are well-known as they are stocked in heaps of horse shops around the country.

It was great to meet Angela, the human behind Big Red. She had jars and jars of yummy-looking cookies, some topped with multi-coloured sprinkles, others in fancy shapes, and all looked good enough to eat – for horses or humans!

Thoughts on Equifest:

I only do two shows with BRSS, and they are Equifest and HOYS. For me, it’s not worth it, as I sell almost exclusively wholesale.

[Although if you’re wanting a snack now after reading this, she does sell products on her website! ~ Sarah]


Mac Tac Horseware

Janine from Mac Tac was another dedicated Equifest business, having travelled all the way from Westport, down south. With quality and durable products all made by Janine herself, you’ll find whatever you need here. And if you don’t, Janine will make it for you.

She had a cool looking saddle cover I was eyeing up, but having run out of time, money and spare hands at the end of the day, that is still on my wishlist.

Thoughts on Equifest:

It’s good to meet people so they can see the products, but have to sell enough stock to cover the costs of attending.


Cowan Cavalletti

The Cowan Cavalletti stand is a cheerful one, full of cute, brightly coloured poles, the recognisable X-shaped jump stands, and even bunches of vibrant flowers! Tammy, the owner, comes down from the North Shore, and I know her products are popular all over the country.

I have raised trot poles on my wishlist, the brighter the better I’m thinking. Not a problem with Cowan Cavalletti’s painted poles.


Special Mentions

Crawford Hill

Due to the abysmal weather and flooded ground, Crawford Hill equestrian jewellery specialists had already packed up and were leaving for the day when I finally got to them. They were on my list of must-sees as I really wanted to check out their earrings range.

But I had a quick chat with Kelly and Daryl, the owners, and it sounds like business is going great guns, as they were about to move into a new bricks-and-mortar building. If you’re in Rangiora, pop in. I’ve been browsing the website myself…


Truly Treasured

I didn’t introduce myself to the Hicks family of Truly Treasured, but I did have a quick chat with them, as I wanted to know more about what they offer for personal reasons. Losing a pet is hard enough without worrying about what to do next, so the service they offer is lovely, and one I’ll keep in mind.

They offer a pet loss service, even for larger pets like horses, and can also return them in the form of a beautiful keepsake momento, if that is what you’d like. Truly Treasured is certainly a name to keep in the back of your mind, for when you may sadly need them.


Over to you

So, there you go. A rundown of my day at Equifest 2022 and the awesome businesses I met there.

If you own an equestrian business, it seems heading off to a trade show like Equifest is completely worth it to boost brand awareness and make some sales.

And between them all, there is bound to be something for you and your horse, so have a look through their websites and treat yourself to some online retail therapy from the comfort of your sofa.

I’d love to know…have you bought from any of the business featured here, or are you yourself an equestrian business?

And will you book yourself into the next equine trade show??