Still not sure if working with me is the way to go*? Maybe these answers to questions others have asked before you will help

*Answer: It is!

What exactly is a copywriter?

The official definition is a person who writes a brand’s advertising or marketing words, with the express purpose of ultimately persuading the reader to take a particular action; usually, to buy. That writing is called copy, or sales copy.

Put simply, a copywriter will write clear, concise, compelling words for your website or sales page, which speaks to your ideal client and convinces them to buy from you, or book your services. No pressure!

Can you write my blog posts and social media posts?

Yes, sure! Technically, creating content for web content, such as blog posts or social media posts, is the work of a content writer. But the titles are interchangeable and not many people focus on the technicalities. They just want to know if I can do the job, and yes, I can. Don’t get hung up on the names, there’s a very blurred line between copy and content, depending on who you speak to or what article you read. Check out my Blog Content service.

So, do I need copy or content services?

Think of a content writer as creating the regular content you need to have visible on the internet to educate and inform your readers. To build their awareness of you so they become to know, like, and trust you. Then a copywriter writes the words to persuade your reader to take action then and there. For example, the copy on your sales page, encouraging the reader to buy your service right there and then.

Content first, copy second; you need both! They work together beautifully.

Who is The Copy Jockey?

I’m Sarah, New Zealand’s only dedicated equine copywriter. I have decades of horsey experience which I decided to put to good use and couple it with my copywriting skills. Now I get to help equine-based businesses to create wonderful websites or magic marketing words. I stay involved with all things horsey, and I make attracting customers easy for my clients. A win-win for me, and a win-win for you!

You can read more about me on my About page.

Why should I use a copywriter?

Anyone can write, same as anyone can ride a horse (in theory, anyway!) But copywriting is a learned skill, something that can be studied and practised, and is not as simple as just putting ‘words on a page’. To write compelling copy that sells, you need to be part psychologist (what makes people hand over their hard-earned cash?), part tech-wizard (just where do those keywords go?), and part linguistics-expert (what’s another, not over-used word for ‘passionate’?) If you have the time and inclination to learn all that, you may not need a copywriter. If you don’t, a copywriter can save your sanity.

Why should I hire The Copy Jockey though?

Remember I said a copywriter can save your sanity? That’s because handing over the hard words to someone else, and being free to focus on what you do best, or actually enjoy, is a liberating experience. You know you should outsource the stuff that trips you up – it’s the golden rule to growing your business! And handing over the writing of your copy to me specifically, as an equine business, makes perfect sense. No more time wasted on explaining the benefits of a saddle specially designed for the activity it’s meant for – I know! No more blank stares when you start talking about wolf teeth or frogs or parrot mouths – I know!

I can save you time, sanity, and help grow your business, now isn’t that worth it? We can get started as soon as you Contact me.

I’m not in New Zealand, can I still work with you?

Yes, of course. All the work I do is remote, and carried out via email and Zoom calls. So, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we can still chat, we’ll just work out the time differences!

When should I contact you to write my words?

Preferably before the horse has bolted. That is, before you’ve lost time, money, sanity, some fingers, trying to do it all yourself. Contact me when you know you need help, and even if you’re not quite sure what that help is, we can work it out. I have various services which I recommend, depending on what stage your business is, your desired result for the future, and obviously, budget.

How does it all work?

I have a simple process that works very well for all projects. It typically involves an initial quick chat, so I get some details from you as to what you need help with. Then I can put together a quote for you. Once that is all sorted, we’ll have a further, deeper chat, and I’ll have you fill in my brief. Then I start your copy, and there will be a few rounds of this, with opportunities for you to amend or sign off each one, so you are 100% happy with progress. You can find out about this process in more detail on the How I Work page.

How long does it take to write my website words?

I don’t work full-time, although you can always get in touch with me. So, I will be transparent with you as to when I will have a draft back to you, or you can expect your copy. Generally, the process for writing a website including amendments can be completed in approximately four weeks. However, some of the timeline lies with your responsibility to get material or content I need to me., in order for me to do my job. It’s a partnership. Get in touch and we can discuss your individual project and timeline and check out my Website Copy service.

How much does it cost?

I have some starting prices for my services on their specific pages of my website. But I give a final quote before starting a project, so there’s no nasty surprises for you at the end. To do this, I need some details from you about your project, so please fill out my contact form and we can go from there.

Do you take a deposit before starting?

I always charge 50% of the total due upfront before the start of the project, with the remainder due two weeks after you have received the first draft (as the two rounds of amends are free). For smaller jobs of less than NZ$499, I charge the full fee payable upfront. For more info on my terms, please read my Ts & Cs page.

Do you do editing or proofreading?

Yes, I studied at the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies and received my Diploma in editing and proofreading, so you can rest assured all final copy you get from me should be perfect (please do still check for errors though!) I have also edited many manuscripts for clients and helped them to self-publish their wonderful books.

What’s SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, what gets typed into Google when searching for something. And if your words on your website or blog are search engine optimised, then up you pop. Straight into the lap of your potential client. It’s a complex subject, one I consistently study, so I can help you to get found on Google by your ideal clients.

So, what are keywords?

These are the phrases (I wouldn’t recommend one-word keywords) that you want to be found for on Google searches. You sell gumboots in Gisborne? Try using ‘affordable gumboots to buy in Gisborne’. Or, you may have typed in ‘best equine copywriter’ to find this site!

How do I know my keywords?

There’s a specific process of keyword research that I offer as part of my SEO Copywriting service. It is a complex method of finding out the best keywords for you to use, based on the number of people searching for that phrase every month, the competition from other websites for that phrase, cost per click for advertising purposes…and that’s just for a start. If you don’t know how your clients are searching online for you (tip: you can ask existing ones how they found you, to get an idea) then this process and the information it throws up will be invaluable for your business and I highly recommend it.

What else can you help me with?

Business pretty new to the market or you just don’t have your business goals or strategies tied down yet? I can help you determine your unique selling point, your tone of voice (important for copywriting), or your story. Check out my Brand Strategy service. Have an important course or training you’ve sweated blood and tears over? I can help you craft the compelling sales page words to take your clients from ‘not sure’ to ‘oh yes!’ Visit my Sales Pages Copy page. Have a product-based business? I can create unique, engaging, informative product descriptions, tailored to your own tone of voice and brand. Find product descriptions here. Need a winning email sequence to accompany your lead magnet, or to raise your open rate? Read all about how I can help on my Emails service page.

Why are you called The Copy Jockey?

Just a play on words. Sarah White isn’t a very unique name, and I was a jockey in a previous life! A business coach actually threw up the idea one day and at the time I thought, ‘that’s a silly name’, but it grew on me. I feel like it speaks well about my business and what it stands for, now. Note: Not to be confused with a generic copy jockey – that’s not me at all!

So, what now?

Either jump onto a service page if you know what you need help with, book a free 15-minute getting-to-know-you call if you have no idea, or contact me using my contact form and we’ll get started! Let’s give your business the leg up it needs to a) give you back your sanity, b) allow you more time to spend actually riding your horse, and c) make more revenue, to spend on saddle pads and crazily-patterned horse covers! (Just what is the deal with saddle pads and having enough for every day of the year, anyway??)