Equine website audit

a 4-stage vetting for your equestrian business’s most precious asset

Do you want more leads and sales from your website?

Do you shy away from SEO’ing your website?

Do you want to know how to really improve your website?

If you answered ‘yes; oh yes;  OH MY GOD YES’ then your next move needs to be booking this special website audit for equestrian businesses.


Did you know a website is the most vital and valuable asset your equestrian business can have?


It can get you found in online searches, bring customers right to your door, and make you heaps of money while you sleep.


But it is also the most overlooked and underloved element of many a horsey business’s marketing strategy.


And if it’s not looked after, it won’t perform for you. It’ll be a drain on your resources and give you no love in return.


You won’t show up on Google searches.

You’ll have no visitors to your website.

You’ll be losing all possible sales to your competitors.


Think about that.


You wouldn’t neglect a horse, so why wouldn’t you tend to your website’s basic needs?


If your website is overdue a vetting, let’s give it one today and make sure it’s healthy and happy and working hard for you.

What are the 4 stages?

Initial Impression

design, message, navigation


Winning Words

Brand story, compelling copy, keywords


Simplifying SEO

Speed, metas, titles, headers


Schooling sessions

strategies, recommendations, accountability

is the number of Google searches every second - don't you want a bit of the action?

Website woes got you feeling like this?

Book a 4-stage vetting for your business’s most valuable asset today and you’ll have ‘neigh’ more worries

Why THIS website audit?

It’s a personalised, thorough muck-out of your individual website. No cookie-cutter audits here.

You’ll get an experienced equestrian and SEO copywriter looking at your use of keywords and if they’re actually ranking for you

You’ll learn the importance of title tags, meta descriptions and H1 headers and how to craft yours for an SEO advantage

You’ll enjoy an expert opinion on your messaging and your copy and whether it’s clear, compelling and attracting your ideal client

You’ll benefit from simple, achievable recommendations for how you can improve your website’s words, SEO and user experience

It’s as easy as walk, trot, canter…

Walk on...

Decide to UP your marketing game, attract more leads, and make more sales just by improving your website

And, trrrot...

Congratulate yourself on making this momentous move, know you’re in good hands, and click the BUY NOW button

Canter, caaaanter!

Get my vetting report, learn what changes you could make today, and start enjoying more leads and waaay more sales!

Your website is getting traffic, it’s just not selling much


It could be a problem with your message not resonating with your ideal client. Or your site navigation could be too confusing for your visitors. Or your keywords don’t match what your audience is searching for on Google.

Or a mix of all three.

An audit is a great place to start if you don’t feel 100% confident in your website’s performance.

And even if you do, peace of mind is priceless.

You think SEO is too difficult and time-consuming


It’s true; SEO (search engine optimisation) is a lively one. It’s made up of many moving parts, and ever-changing algorithms. There’s so much to get your head around and if you’re not careful, it can consume you.

But, it’s essential for the life of your business.

I concentrate on the most basic, but most essential, and most simple SEO options and spell out to you exactly what you need to focus on for maximum results.

Do yourself a favour and leave the wrangling to me. You’ll have all gain and none of the pain.

Does your website suck harder than a cribber on crack? Book a website audit and sort out that suckiness today

What you get when you book a website audit

  • A written, easy-to follow report concentrating on your homepage and important pages of your website 100% 100%
  • An understanding of how to improve your website EVEN FURTHER for >leads and >sales 100% 100%
  • A feeling of accomplishment and empowerment that you’re doing something proactive to help your business 100% 100%
  • A HASSLE-FREE, PAINLESS expert service (all it takes is a click of a button) 100% 100%
  • Compliments and impressed clients saying they chose you because they found your website on Google/it really resonated with them (if you do the work) 100% 100%
  • Fluff and crappy, useless suggestions 01% 01%
  • Ongoing help and support to make sure you benefit fully from a 4-stage website vetting 100% 100%
  • BONUS: Suggestions for further marketing strategies to grow your business and sales 100% 100%



Even the best advice and guidance will be as much use as a chocolate teapot if not actioned.

The next best step after a website audit is to implement the recommended changes and tweak things where needed.

And that often takes a bit of encouragement and accountability.

I offer my 1-1 60-minute strategy and accountability call with a $50 discount to all website audit clients, so we can work through things together, brainstorm strategies and make your website audit COUNT!


That makes it only $249 + GST – a small investment when you add up the sales and revenue you could make after you become clearer on what you should actually be doing in your business!


It’s the only way to benefit from my hugely valuable 1-1 service at such an affordable price so take advantage and get yourself booked in for my 4-stage vetting of your website TODAY.

ANNND….If you haven’t already got them (why not??) you’ll also receive – totally FREE – my popular and useful PDF downloads “How to increase leads and boost sales from your website alone” and “Simple SEO 7-day action plan“. They’re packed full of juicy tips and effective actions to help you grow your business and your sales.


I recommend The Copy Jockey for a website audit!

Sandra Poppema

Hippologic Clicker Training Academy

Sarah carried out a Copy and SEO fundamentals audit on my website, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Michelle Ravase


The information Sarah gave me was so useful and I’ve started to put a lot of her suggestions in place, and I can already see how much better my website looks! 

Christine Thompson

Equine Muscle Matters

I have had reviews in the past on websites but none that hit the mark as well as you have. I highly recommend your services.

Amanda Edwards

The Equine Care Clinic

Very extensive review of my website and suggestions to improve all the “stuff” that the technically challenged don’t even know exist! 

Julie Wright

Bare Equine

The information Sarah provided has helped me optimise my website in many ways. My SEO is now getting results and the overall look is much more appealing to my customer base.

Courtney Shelvey


Want them galloping to your door?  Find out what small changes to make to your website and watch your search and conversion rates soar

Questions you may have

How do I book?

Simply click on any one of the yellow buy now buttons on this page, send me a message, and I’ll be in touch and get your website vetted for you asap (within 48 hours of payment).

Do you need anything from me?

No, just your website address obviously, but you can give me that when you book. If you wanted to go deeper and examine your analytics, or anything to do with your marketing, we can discuss that as a further service after this initial audit.

Why should I book a 4-stage vetting for my website?

Much of what I do for clients starts with a website, so unless you don’t have a website yet, it’s the obvious place to start for me to get a good grasp on your business, the copy you’re using, your messaging, your current marketing strategies…

What pages will you look at on my website?

I look at your main one, your homepage. Plus I look at your About page, which is vitally important too and the second-most visited on a website. I may also look at other pages, such as service pages for a service-based business, or product pages for a product-based business.