Equine website audit

a 4-stage vetting for your business’s most precious asset

why a website audit?

Your website is your most important, valuable, and overlooked marketing asset for your equine business.

People take it for granted that their website will be bringing hoofprints right to their business door. Sadly, it’s not true.

A website is a complex fellow. One that requires care and attention, a lot of thought, and has a few non-negotiable rules.

Feel like dumping him already?

Don’t worry. My 4-stage vetting for your website will quickly and painlessly provide you with a checklist of achievable tasks, focusing on the important aspects that make up an awesome website.

We’ll have your site galloping up the rankings quicker than the Melbourne Cup winner up the home straight, and converting into $$ before you can say, “Tally Ho!”




Click to book and choose a good day and time from my available appointments for a 60-minute review of your site


Fill in the details on the booking form and let me know it’s for a 4-stage vetting of your website and ENSURE YOU ADD YOUR URL


Look out for the invoice in your inbox – at only $147 you may miss it! –  and ensure it’s paid before our review so there’s no delays


Show up to our review, eagerly await my written report, implement some easy changes and enjoy your new, hard-working website!



You probably already know you have less than a second or two before your reader has formed an opinion on your website, and consequently, your business.

So it’s vitally important your navigation, design, branding, messaging, and overall feel of your website match up and hit the spot when your reader first lays eyes on your site.


But why THIS equine website audit?


  • This isn’t a one-to-many service; it’s a personalised, thorough muck-out of your own biz website
  • I’ll work through your website face-to-face with you on a Zoom call and talk to you about what I find, how it’s performing, what could be improved, etc. so you can see EXACTLY what I mean, and ask any questions as we go


Most businesses nowadays are aware of the need for SEO-friendly copy and using keywords that will get them found in online searches.

But is it as easy as that? Often the keywords we think we need to use are just not on our customer’s radar, and really we should be trying to rank for keywords and phrases that our ideal client is actually typing into Google.


But why THIS equine website audit?


  • I’ll make sure you’re using great title tags, meta descriptions, H1 headers etc. for your main pages
  • I’ll check your domain authority and whether you’re ranking for any keywords already
  • I’ll scrutinise your copy and see where you could improve in terms of layout and design, whether you’re using customer-centric copy, if you’ve used keywords effectively, and more



Whether you build your website yourself or outsource to a web developer to do it for you, it pays to have some know-how on the technical aspects of building a sound and speedy site.

Even just the basics.

Speed, crawlability, indexing, structured data, mobile responsiveness, image optimising, SEO-friendly URLs, backlinks, redirects; the technical side of a well-performing website is overwhelming.


But why THIS equine website audit?


  • I’ll check your site for the all-important loading speed; arguably the most influencing factor in Google’s ranking algorithm
  • I’ll be checking what’s affecting your site speed, such as chunky images, too much fancy wiggling and jiggling, page size, etc.
  • I’ll touch on technical stuff like schema, URLs, indexing, redirects, robots.txt, etc. so you can make a decision on what, if any, to fix with your web developer
  • Most of all, I’ll keep it simple. Just the way I like it. So you get a good idea of your site performance without complete overwhelm. Any tiny changes are good for SEO – it doesn’t have to be a big headache.


Technical aspects of your website’s performance got you feeling like this?

Book a 4-stage vetting for your business’s most valuable asset today and you’ll have ‘neigh’ more worries


After working through your website audit and reviewing the report, you might be feeling like burying yourself in the nearest muckheap. Or, you might be patting yourself on the back!

There will be small steps you can do yourself, or pass over to a web developer, or hand back to me to complete for you, so it won’t be a big job to improve your website. 


But why THIS equine website audit?


  • I will make simple, achievable recommendations for your next actions going forward, to improve your website’s usability, copy, SEO, ranking and the all-important loading speed
  • You can do them yourself or, for a small investment in an expert, your website will be pulling as much weight as a strong ol’ Clydie, but running at the speed of a magnificent Thoroughbred! An awesome mix!




Sarah carried out a Copy and SEO fundamentals audit on my website, and I couldn’t be happier. The in-depth report is easy to read whilst packed with useful suggestions and information on how to improve SEO and all-around site functionality.

I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a professional and talented copywriter.

Thank you so much, Sarah.

Michelle Ravase


Sarah White from The Copy Jockey audited my website. She gave me an extended report that was 11 pages long. She gave me lots of details what to improve so that I can attract more visitors to my website, engage them longer and give them clarity about what it is I offer.
I recommend The Copy Jockey for a website audit!

Sandra Poppema

Hippologic Clicker Training Academy

I have to say I am so impressed with your comprehensive and thoughtful review of my website. I am taking your recommendations and implementing them in full. I have had reviews in the past on websites but none that hit the mark as well as you have. I highly recommend your services.

Amanda Edwards

The Equine Care Clinic

Want them galloping to your door?  Find out what small changes to make to your website and watch your search and conversion rates soar