Keyword Roundup to find your best keywords so you show up on Google searches

Struggling to think of keywords for your website copy?

Want to appear high up Google’s online searches?

Need blog topics that your customers are actually looking for?

You need comprehensive keyword research to determine those keyword phrases to help rise you up Google’s ranks


Trying to write your website words without having a clue what your ideal keywords are is like trying to brush your hair in a wind tunnel.

It’s pointless and it won’t have the desired result!


Instead, you can do extensive keyword research and find out exactly what keyword phrases you should be trying to rank for, by using metrics such as keyword difficulty, cost per click, and volume.


 Don’t waste time wondering what your ideal clients are typing into Google. Conduct your own keyword research and tailor your website words to match.


What you’ll get

Briefing form

fill in your business details


Consult call

A 30-minute Zoom call to discuss further


Targeted research

Checking metrics and results



A list of phrases to use for your website and blogs

Why do I need keyword research?

Knowing the desired keywords for your business should be your number one priority when it comes to writing your marketing words

Keyword research done right can show you what your ideal clients are actually searching for versus what you think they’re looking for

Keyword research means you can target different keywords on different pages of your website so Google can rank them higher

Keyword research can give you heaps of future blog post titles that are going to have the best chance of ranking in Google searches

It’s as easy as one, two, lasso…


Decide to blow the competition out the water and start ranking higher on Google searches


Click the BUY NOW button and we’ll start with a consult and briefing form


Get your detailed report, optimise your copy, and start out-ranking all your competitors

You think you know what your ideal client is typing into Google, but if you’re honest, it’s still an educated guess.


Most equine business owners know the importance of getting found on page one of Google if they want to grow their business and succeed.

They also know keywords are the ‘key’ to getting there.

But, they don’t know how to find their best keywords, so they just guess.

You can get a jump on everyone else by undertaking comprehensive keyword research with me. You’ll discover the best keywords and the ultimate keyword phrases to use in your website, posts and blogs.

Do yourself a favour and leave the wrangling to me. You’ll have all gain and none of the pain.

Are you just guessing at what your ideal clients are searching for online? Finally, find out for sure!

What they say

I recommend The Copy Jockey for a website audit!

Sandra Poppema

Hippologic Clicker Training Academy

Sarah carried out a Copy and SEO fundamentals audit on my website, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Michelle Ravase


The information Sarah gave me was so useful and I’ve started to put a lot of her suggestions in place, and I can already see how much better my website looks! 

Christine Thompson

Equine Muscle Matters

I have had reviews in the past on websites but none that hit the mark as well as you have. I highly recommend your services.

Amanda Edwards

The Equine Care Clinic

Very extensive review of my website and suggestions to improve all the “stuff” that the technically challenged don’t even know exist! 

Julie Wright

Bare Equine

The information Sarah provided has helped me optimise my website in many ways. My SEO is now getting results and the overall look is much more appealing to my customer base.

Courtney Shelvey


Questions you may have

How do I book?

Simply click on any one of the yellow Buy Now buttons on this page, send me a message, and I’ll be in touch to book in your keyword research. We’ll also arrange a time to Zoom call to get all your business and keyword details from you.

Do you need anything from me?

I’ll need to chat to you over a Zoom call and grab as many details regarding your business, existing keywords, services, products etc before I can carry out keyword research.

Why do you want clients to book comprehensive keyword research?

Keyword research is so vital for your business, but people still don’t do it! It forms the basis of any great copywriting project and gives a huge insight into how to best market your business. Appearing at the top of online search results is a huge boost to business but without dedicated research into your best keywords, it’s a tall order.

Can you guarantee I'll rank on page 1 of Google if I do keyword research?

Short answer: no. Long answer: nooooo, because SEO is made up of so many moving parts. It requires a perfectly built and maintained website, a strong marketing strategy and captivating copy to get to page one of Google, so unless i can help you work on all of these, I can’t guarantee you’ll be at the top. But, with keyword research, I can give you the best start to go get ’em!

Want them galloping to your door?  Find your ideal keyword phrases and watch as your website gallops up the search results