Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room

Jeff Bezos

Do you stumble over your words when someone asks you what do you do?

Do you struggle to tell people what makes you stand out above all the rest?

Do you stagger at the first hurdle when it comes to crafting your all-important website copy ?


Then you need a comprehensive brand strategy working for you.

A personal brand helps you stand out from the competition, and it’s what can encourage a prospective client to make the leap to work with you over someone else.


This means you need to be your brand and vice versa! You don’t want that new client to turn around and say you weren’t what they were expecting.


A brand is more than just what colours you use and what logo you choose. While visual branding is important, actually your messaging and values and you yourself ARE your brand. You need to be clear on who you are, what you do, who you help and why you do it best, above anything else.


After this, all your messaging and copy will flow easily, and that’s why I love to start with your brand strategy before jumping into writing your website words, or crafting your social content.



Are new in your business and don’t feel like you know who you are yet


Struggle with marketing as you don’t know what your message is yet


Don’t have an awesome story drawing your reader in on your About page


Don’t know your USP from your TOV and your WHY is up the wazoo

If you’re sorted with your TOVs and USPs and STORYs, then we could get down to the exciting business of writing your WEBSITE COPY or creating BLOG CONTENT. If you’re still not sure, you can BOOK A FREE CALL WITH ME





  • In-depth brand brief

    We’ll start with you, as the brilliance behind your brand. You get my branding briefing form to fill out, which touches on everything we need to get started in building your own personal and business brand strategy.


  • 60-90-minute consultation

    Once I have your brand basics, I can schedule a Zoom call with you. We’ll go through your business brain and your personal mind (not as scary as it sounds, I promise!) and dive deep to create the unique messages and significant facts which will become your brand backbone.


  • Your business brand in a box

    Or, more accurately, a Word doc. I will create your own personal business brand document, so you have your messaging and values and USP (I know I keep going on about this one, but it’s important!) crystal clear, to speak to your ideal client.


  • Brand story, tone of voice, value proposition, missions, and values

    Quite an in-depth study of your business baby, I think you’ll agree. But a very worthwhile task. Your copy and content for any future marketing you may invest in will thank you for getting these valuable basics established now.







  • Your About page

    Using your shiny new brand messaging, I can create a winning about page for your business website, that really resonates with your reader. It goes further than the old ‘why I started my business’ or ‘I studied this at uni so I am experienced in…’ paragraphs that so many about pages think they must include.

    After reading yours, any prospective client will be tripping over themselves to become a confirmed client!


For other enquiries or for a bespoke branding strategy package, you can always contact me directly