A well-written, fully optimised blog is one of the most effective ways to bring them galloping to your website

Do you know you should be posting regular articles online but you’re just too busy?

Do you find it hard to get on paper all the thoughts galloping round in your head?

Do you struggle to think of great content so you throw it on the ‘too-hard’ muckheap? 


Then you need to feel the relief of handing over the reins to someone else to craft appealing, attention-grabbing, useful blog posts for your equestrian business.

A well-written optimised blog post is always worth the effort.


It helps you reconnect with existing clients and find new ones. It builds your brand, your authority and expertise and perhaps most importantly, provides a golden opportunity to rank on Google searches for a new keyword phrase.


If you don’t have regular (that could be weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly) content out there, you could be leaving money on the table.


And how’s your social media content looking? By having a purpose-written blog on hand, you can instantly take three…four…10 social media posts from that one blog and repurpose across your channels and newsletters. Just another reason to take your blog content seriously, starting today. It doesn’t have to be hard.



Have an amazing website you are just dying to show off to everyone who comes through your stable door


Know your clients' biggest problems and their regular questions, why they need you and how you can help them


Are clear on your own brand values and voice and just want to get down and dirty with putting amazing content out there


Appreciate the value a premium blog post brings to your online marketing strategy and are willing to invest in your business

If you feel you’re not quite ready for galloping headlong into creating awesome content, you may want to take a look at your WEBSITE COPY to make sure it’s in peak fitness. Or you can BOOK A FREE CALL WITH ME to talk more about what you need.





  • In-depth brief

    I’ll start by sending you my briefing form to get a good background on your business. We’ll then schedule an approximately 30 – 60-minute Zoom call to discuss the details of the project and nail the strategy and what you want from me.


  • Research

    I may know quite a bit already about your industry/topic (I’m guessing it’s horse-related here!) as it’s my special subject too, but I always research. The best blog posts are all about research and I make sure to allow plenty of time for this important task.


  • Search engine optimisation

    Each blog post is fully optimised for your best keyword phrase (decided by you but we can brainstorm) and special attention is given to title tags, meta descriptions, and formatting. Yes, I’ll write engaging, Google-friendly titles and metas and come up with winning headlines for each post.


  • An easy-to-read, well formatted final version

    The way a blog post is laid out on the screen has a huge impact on its readability. I make sure to break the text up into scannable, short paragraphs, use plenty of white space, and include lots of bolding and subheadings.







  • Brainstorming content session

    During our Zoom briefing call, we have the opportunity of brainstorming blog content ideas, if you’re stuck. We can come up with a list of topics so we can create up to a years’ worth of blog posts!


  • Social media posts

4 x written-for-you social media snippets from each blog post, so you have ready-made content to go, to let people know about your exciting new blog.


  • TWO rounds of revisions

So you can be assured you won’t end up with a post that either doesn’t sound like you or completely misses the mark. It’s a collaborative project and I welcome your feedback at each stage.


  • Professional proofreading

So you can send the final post to your website developer or drop it into your site yourself, safe in the knowledge that all you have to do is add your images and voila! The perfect blog post ready for your perfect clients to pour over.


For other enquiries or for a bespoke blog content package, you can always contact me directly