The jockey behind the copy

Hi, I’m Sarah.


What’s brought you here, to this page all about me?


Do you need to know if I’m the right woman for your job?


Let’s see…


Imagine Person A is half-heartedly Googling away, and after a while, they stumble across your website.

No! Picture this instead. Person B is your dream client, and they type the exact phrase that you use yourself when talking about your business, and straightaway up pops your website. It’s like they were specifically looking for you!

They jump in, check out your pages, feel like they can’t live without you, click on contact, and PING; a booking, a sale, success.

I can help with that scenario. Tick.


It’s finally the weekend, you have an exciting couple of days planned with your horse, but there’s a shadow of doubt clouding your mind, ruining your fun. You should be working. There, you’ve said it. You know your website isn’t finished…you know that sales page is seriously lacking…even though you’ve spent hours on them. It’s so hard to write your own copy!

I can help with this scenario, too. Double tick.


See the pattern here?

I’m not like other copywriters.


Yes, I understand the psychology behind the buying process. (Clue: emotion.) Yes, I know my way around SEO and can place your keywords where they are actually needed. And yes, I have previous clients who are giddy with happiness that I took the dreaded ‘writing copy’ off their hands and freed them up to actually do something they enjoy.

But I have one advantage which, as an equine-based business, I expect you’d be interested to hear.

I have nearly four decades of horsey experience.

That’s nearly 40 years of riding horses, grooming horses, feeding horses, competing horses…the list goes on.

In most equine industries, I have seen a little bit, if not a lot. And I bring all that experience and knowledge to the table to write the words for your business. Easy!


No more describing to a laughing freelancer what an ‘eggbutt snaffle’ is. No more explaining to a marketing guru that in equine circles, ‘black-type’ is a good thing, and not a reason to disown the horse. And no more quizzical faces wondering just how a horse with four legs does an impression of a moonwalk dance when you mention the term, ‘box-walking’.

Need an experienced copywriter to help market your business? I save you time, energy, and money by speaking your language. And even if that lingo is pretty specialised (acepromazine, phenylbutazone, meloxicam; stringhalt, cribbing, kissing spines?) I already understand it.

Sarah White as a toddler riding a pony over a small jump
Sarah White smiling holding a horse
Sarah White as a toddler sitting on a pony

Where it all began.


I think I had my first taste of sitting on a horse when I was a toddler and I used to visit my auntie’s pony and beg for a ride.

I grew up in a safe little corner of England, and don’t come from a remotely horsey background. Riding lessons were something my parents booked me into on a Saturday morning, trying to entertain five-year-old me. Unfortunately, I loved it.

Much to my parent’s disgust. (Girls grow out of ponies, right? Get sensible, have boyfriends, go to university, become a doctor or a lawyer?)

Not me.

A borrowed pony turned into one on lease. An aged saint who taught me how to put the bridle on the right way up (seriously). Then came a wild, native New Forest pony who taught me to love galloping madly out of control. Each one after that taught me something new.



I played happily through the Pony Club years, experienced highs and lows in the eventing field, took my one horse to university and came home with more, and finally joined the fast and furious world of racing. I worked for top trainers and got to ride some amazing equine athletes, as well as regularly riding in jumps races and hunting on my own beloved horses.


Sarah White galloping on a racehorse
Sarah White galloping on a bay horse on a beach
Sarah White landing over a hedge on a grey horse
Sarah White jumping a bay horse over a stone wall
Sarah White flying over a hedge on a bay horse
Sarah White at a hunt meet on a bay horse
Sarah White jumping a fence in a race
Sarah White trotting on a grey horse

Fast forward to today, and I have moved to the other side of the world. Made a polo team of fillies and colts with a reserve too (that’s five children!). And started a business in something far removed from my years of being bumped and bashed by half-tonne animals, often in sub-zero temperatures, for no more reward than the pure pleasure of being with them and inhaling the memorable ‘sweaty horse’ smell.

That’s why I love working with people like you. Like-minded people who also love their horses more than home comforts. Who need that horse smell to survive. And the best bit is, through working with you on your brand’s words, I can still experience the horsey world and all its finest qualities.

If you know you need help with your equine business’s marketing words, you can contact me directly and I’ll get right back to you. If you aren’t sure what you need, you just know you need to hand the reins over, that’s ok. We can sort it out! You may like to start by checking out the services I offer.


How to write a blog post for your equine business

How to write a blog post for your equine business

If you want to know how to write a blog post; congratulations! You’re in the right place.
Writing a great blog isn’t just about opening up a new Word doc, thinking of a title, and typing 1000 words.
There’s so much more to it than that, and this blog post is going to take you through the 6 steps of how to write a blog post that is going to be of value to your audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert to more sales and revenue for you!
If you were looking for an easy-to-follow guide on just how to write a blog post for your equine business, then read on, take notes, and create that perfect post today!

16 proven ways to create compelling content for your equestrian business

16 proven ways to create compelling content for your equestrian business

First up, what do we mean by compelling content?
It’s content that informs, educates, entertains, and inspires. It’s mainly long-form and opens up communications and dialogues with your audience.
If you’re in the equestrian business, you know how hard it is to stand out in a crowded paddock, and like it or not, whether you’re selling products like saddles or offering services such as bodywork, creating engaging content is an ongoing important part of your marketing strategy.
But fear not! This blog post walks you through 16 strategies to create compelling content that helps to boost your SEO, traffic, and sales.

11 reasons you can’t ignore why you should create regular blog posts for your equine business

11 reasons you can’t ignore why you should create regular blog posts for your equine business

Are you on the fence about writing blog posts for your equestrian business?
If yes, you should really jump down before you get splinters in your bum and check out what opportunities you may be missing.
Not to mention the money you’re leaving on the table…
From improving your SEO efforts to directly making sales, there’s a bucketful of reasons why equine businesses should be regularly creating blog posts.
This blog post features 11 of them plus gives you actionable tips to achieve each result.


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