Winning words for all your horse-based business’s marketing needs

New Zealand’s only dedicated equine copywriter

Equine is a specialised niche.

You need someone who knows the difference between forelock and fetlock, topline and white line, filly or foal.


It’s the same with writing copy.

You need someone who knows how to write persuasive, compelling words that sell, or best SEO practice to get your business found on Google. 

Have an equine business? You need an Equine Copywriter, aka, The Copy Jockey.


My Services

Website Copy

Do you want compelling, persuasive copy on your website that speaks to your ideal client, showcasing why you’re the best? You want this.

Blog Content

Do you want regular, interesting content to upload to your website which will help you show up in search engines? You want this.

SEO Copywriting

Do you want a compelling, engaging website optimised with comprehensively researched keywords which will push you to the top of Google? You want this.  

Brand Strategy

Do you want to have clear in your own head who you help, what’s your USP, what’s your tone of voice so creating your copy becomes easy as? You want this.

Sarah White

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I know how hard it is to write the words for your own website, to be sociable on your social channels, or to craft that super sales page.

You know how good your brand is, and you just want to help others benefit, too. But you can’t find the words, or the time, to get that across on screen.

With nearly four decades in all aspects of equestrian sports and pursuits and my knowledge and learnings of the art of best copy practices, I am your ideal go-to when you need someone to create your copy, who also understands the ins-and-outs, thrills-and-spills of the equine industry.

Get in touch, I’d love a chat.


Benefits of working with me

Increase revenue

Perfect your business messaging so you’re attracting your dream client. More happy clients = more revenue = everyone’s happy!

Build relationships

Become known, liked, and trusted as the go-to in your field. Grow your business and nurture your clients


Find more time

Handing over tasks and responsibilities frees up your treasured time. Make more time to spend with your loved ones and doing what you enjoy

Why An Equine Copywriter?


Just like with horses, you get out of your business what you put in.

But instead of putting money in one end and getting literal poo out the other end, when you invest in a copywriter who knows HORSES and WORDS, you put the messy stuff in one end, and out the other end comes clarity, success, and revenue.

If you have an equine-based business, serving equestrian clients, your marketing needs that equine slant. And that comes from partnering with a copywriter who is as passionate and knowledgeable about horses as you are.

Sarah audited my website. She gave me an extended report that was 11 pages long. She gave me lots of details what to improve so that I can attract more visitors to my website, engage them longer and give them clarity about what it is I offer.
I recommend The Copy Jockey for a website audit!

Sandra Poppema

HippoLogic Clicker Training Academy

Sarah carried out a Copy and SEO fundamentals audit on my website, and I couldn’t be happier. The in-depth report is easy to read whilst packed with useful suggestions and information on how to improve SEO and all-around site functionality. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a professional and talented copywriter.

Michelle Ravase


I effing love it!!!!! Got all misty-eyed at one point


I highly recommend Sarah-talented and skilled


Thank you for your wonderful help and suggestions


It’s a fantastic clarity process-you should be charging for it



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8 unquestionable reasons why your equine business NEEDS a website

8 unquestionable reasons why your equine business NEEDS a website

Unless you’re blissfully living life in a cave, surrounded by nothing but fresh air and mountains (sounds very appealing to me, I must say) you won’t have failed to notice that to grow your business and attract more clients, you need an online presence.

And the most important online stage?

Your equine business website.

13 odds-on ways to improve your copy for your equine business

13 odds-on ways to improve your copy for your equine business

Why aren’t your products selling themselves?
Why isn’t your phone (or in today’s age, your inbox) red hot?
And why do you still feel like you’re precariously pushing a wheelbarrow full of the proverbial up a very tall, towering muckheap when it comes to marketing your equine business?

Short answer; your copy.

Want a chat? I offer a free getting-to-know-you 15-minute call.